The Custody Awareness Collaborative is a group of parents, advocates, mental health professionals, lawyers, researchers, and other people who are collaborating to deal with our shared concerns about the experiences of child and adult survivors of domestic abuse in the Probate and Family Court.

We collect, produce, and share accurate information about:

  • Massachusetts custody law
  • The experiences of parents and children in the Probate and Family Court
  • How abuse directed at a parent affects the child(ren)


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  1. Make sure that custody policies are based on the experiences and concerns of adult and child survivors of abuse
  2. Make information available about how policies and actual practices affect parents and children in custody cases
  3. Empower people - in particular survivors of violence - to take action
  4. Make policy recommendations based on current and proven research


Are you a service provider or survivor of domestic violence who is interested in getting involved with CAC, sharing your story, and/or receiving updates? Please fill out the form to the right.