What Happens Next?

Although we do not know an exact timeline, bills can stay in the House Steering, Policy, and Scheduling committee for up to 30 days before being sent back to the House floor. It does not appear that the bill will be referred back to the House Ways and Means committee before reaching the House. Additional amendments may be made by the House Steering, Policy, and Scheduling committee before being sent to the House. The Fathers’ Rights Group that originally wrote and promoted the bill adamantly oppose the redraft and have issued a call to action to get the draft killed.

The Caucus of Women Legislators is helping us set up an informational briefing at the State House on Thursday, May 12th at 10:30 AM.  We will present information on the challenges that domestic violence survivors face in Probate and Family Court.

Unfortunately, the Jane Doe Lobby Day at the State House was snowed out, so we urge everyone to continue lobbying independently! If you work with survivors who are interested in sharing their stories or having their stories shared at the briefing, please let us know! As you make contact with your legislators, please take the opportunity to educate them about the prevalence and impact of domestic violence on families in high-conflict divorces. Also, encourage them to attend the briefing on May 12th.

Stay tuned for a detailed analysis of the redraft – we will inform you as soon as we have consensus on explicit steps we are asking legislators to take in regard to this bill.